Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2017 Update: What's cookin', good lookin'?

For way too many people, 2016 was quite a year... Quite a sucky one at that (particularly you, you Star Wars, Alan Rickman and David Bowie fan. Yes, you). Hang in there though because what is life but a series of ups and downs. 

It was a crazy, weird year for us at Devika Bharadwaj too. It was, however, laced with a few good things here and there. The label was nominated for Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2016; and although we didn't bag that award, it was great to know that our work is being recognized in the industry. (yippee!)

A lot of you must also be wondering why for the second half of the year there were no new collections launched. Well, I have been considering overhauling the business since a while to match some of the inner beliefs that I'm glad I'm under the influence of. Therefore, one of the biggest changes you will see this year in the label is use of faux leather. All our forthcoming collections will be primarily made using man-made leather. Woo(m)hoo!  💃

I have to admit, it wasn't easy for me to make this decision, because as a shoemaker, I know leather is probably the best fabric out there. Having said that, we have sourced the best faux leather available in the Indian market today; so rest assured, your shoes are still going to be made using the finest stuff. 

From my shoe making desk. :) 
That was 2016. 

2017 started with quite a bang. First, we received samples of our upcoming collection and they look AMAZING. I'm trying something new and I'm so excited for you all to see this. Our super-cool samples are now in production and should be ready for you to grab by February first week.

Second, we received an order from fashion designer, Manish Malhotra's office, to supply shoes for his label's private show. This was pretty exciting (and stressful) because we had to get shoes ready within 4-5 days; and any shoe designer out there would know how hard that is to get done. But heavens bless each and every one of our shoe makers for working hard and getting it done.

Last but not least, I'm also making time to make shoes myself again. Running day-to-day ops takes a lot of my time and I just couldn't get to it for the last few months. I really miss the process of shoe making, and what am I if not a cuteish 'mochi'. 😉

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Cordwainer, Entrepreneur

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