Monday, 11 July 2016

How to effortlessly maintain your shoes during monsoon

Being a Bombay girl through and through, I love the monsoon. I love adrak wali chai, the hot snacks, the cool wind and the green landscape. I love everything about this weather!

Well… almost. I do hate the muddy roads, the increase in traffic and I particularly hate what happens to a lot of my stuff due to the insane spike in humidity levels.

I’ve met many shoe lovers during exhibitions who fret about buying leather shoes out of fear of maintaining them this season, and I’ve met people who really just don’t bother taking care of their shoes. 
Whether you fall in either of these categories or another one altogether, here are a few ‘hacks’ for you so you can walk through this weather in ease. 

  1. Get the crap out of your shoes.  
    Don’t let damp mud remain on your shoes after use. I know this can seem cumbersome (and eeky), especially if you spend a bit of time walking outdoors. However, particularly during monsoon, it is important to get the goo out before it hardens and attracts moss or fungal growth on the shoes. Just rub your shoes well on the door mat and wipe them clean. Easy peasy.
    Extra tip: Clean the pair using a damp cloth and NOT a wet one.

  2. It's time for a dry spell.  
    Your shoes love dry spells! It is a good practice to switch between shoes every day in this weather and letting each pair dry before you wear it again. Not only would it maintain the quality of the material, but also keep your shoes great looking for a longer period of time. Allowing your shoes to dry under the fan is the best way to air them out.

  3. Stuff ‘em with some gossip.  
    Once completely dry, stuff your shoes with some newspaper (or the paper that comes stuffed in your Devika Bharadwaj shoe box) to help them retain the shape. For all the men out there, if you've invested in a shoe tree, you're awesome! But if you haven't, fret not. Newspapers work as a great substitute.
    Careful though! If your shoes have a lighter insole or lining and they haven't dried well, avoid using newspaper, as it could lead to ink stains from the paper.  
Sure, you've invested in a good, quality pair of shoes; but these small tricks increase their 'rack-life' by leaps and bounds. I hope these tips help you maintaining your shoes longer.
Got some more? Tell me now in the comments below! 

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Entrepreneur

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