Friday, 6 May 2016

Musings: From sketch to shoe


After over a year of hard work on launching and working on the label, I decided to take a much needed break and go touring this April. I travelled right from north-east India all the way to Western Europe. Away from mobile network most of the time, I got to do what I hope I would: a fresh perspective and loads of energy to plan the next tasks.

The first thing I did after a month-long vacation, 13 hours-long flight and less than 4 hours of sleep was to head to office the next morning... That's how excited I was to get back to work! Times like these you realize you truly like what you do. After handling a laundry list of emails, calls, this and that, I got to the most fun bit of designing: sketching. Of course, we have loads coming up for you, and the planning for the next collection is already in the works. Since I can't share much on that just yet, I thought I'd share a bit more about the working of our previous collections. 

Each collection takes anywhere between 2-3 months from designing to production stage. A lot of steps are involved, such as: mood-boarding, designing, sketching, sampling, testing for fit, sourcing, until the final production begins. Many samples never make it to the final production; they get rejected due to sizing, colour-issues or I just don't think they seem right with the rest of the collection. I also test the samples for fit and comfort myself, so for some samples, I've had them remade as many as five times until I got the desired fit. 

Here's a glimpse of some of the 'before' and 'after' pictures (at least whatever I could find) to show you the evolution. Enjoy!

The final sketch for Rianna, from our Autumn-Winter 2015 collection.

I wasn't very happy with the way this shade of tan and purple turned out for Anita, from our Spring-Summer '16 collection. So the sample was revised to a brighter, happier colour that it boasts of now (right). 

Choosing the right buckle for Liza took weeks! We sourced buckles from all sorts of places, and even sampled this diamond-encrusted, round one you see on the left. It lacked a certain relaxed, chic look I wanted with Liza. So we hunted a bit more and finally found this square, antique-finish one. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and got a glimpse of the shoe designing process from inception to completion. In other news, we're coordinating a give-away of a pair from the SS-'16 collection with Nidhi Kunder, and it starts today! Follow both of us on Instagram to know more and participate. We also have a Flat Rs. 100/- discount going on until 8th May, Sunday on account of Mother's Day. Seriously, our moms are so much more into fashion than us, that we owe it to them to move over sweet treats, mugs and flowers. Take them e-shopping on our store and gift them a pair of DB's! Use the code 'MOM2016' on checkout to avail this offer.

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Entrepreneur