Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Why are handmade shoes so popular?

Hello, folks!

Ever since I've learnt how to make shoes and launched the label, a lot of friends and relatives ask me what's so special about handcrafted shoes, among many other queries about the art of shoe making. People find handmade shoes really expensive, and no doubt they are. However, that's because they offer a lot more than run-of-the-mill footwear. Here's a list of a few reasons I think why. 

  1. All Devika Bharadwaj shoes are handcrafted in Mumbai, India.
    Quality:- Unlike off-the-rack shoes which are more often than not made of faux leather and other synthetic materials, handmade shoes are made using good quality leather. As a material for shoes, leather is superior to everything else as it is a natural material that lets the feet breathe. In coastal areas such as Mumbai, Goa, etc., it even helps absorb moisture.
  2. Construction
    Handmade shoes are constructed using techniques that are more often than not passed on from generation to generation. Over and above, the shoes are made entirely of leather, instead of just being used in the lining or upper.
  3. Intuitive
    Last, but by no means least, shoe makers have an instinct about what looks good and what doesn't, what works and what doesn't. They put  the designer's vision to intelligent application with an intuitive ability that no machine (yet) has. Consider this: would you rather wear shoes from a China-based company that manufacturers 1,00,000 shoes a day, or an artist that carefully makes about 20-30 a day? 
Invest in a good pair of shoes. It will last longer, look better and provide you with the comfort and taste of luxury that we all seek. 

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Entrepreneur

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