Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Entrepreneurship, announcements and more...


This has been a spectacular month for us at the Devika Bharadwaj HQ in Mumbai. 50 shades of awesome, I'd say. With the launch of the Resort '15 shoe collection and the amazing response we've been receiving for the Spring-Summer '15 shoe collection, I'm only too excited to see what October unfolds. 

Here's a round-up of all the latest announcements that made September so awesome: 

  1. We launched the Resort '15 shoe collection. This is the second we released and you can check it out here at: 
  2. We announced our participation in The Lil' Flea Edition 5, which is a really fun event filled with live music, yummy food and awesome collections to check our like ours :P It's happening at the BKC, Mumbai from the 9th to 11th October from 4pm-11pm. Come and say hello, okay?
  3. Lastly, we went live on the Violet Street yesterday, which is an online boutique marketplace, delivery designer wear all over India for free! 
That's a pretty cool list for our fourth month of operation, right? It's been a helluva journey. Don't be mistaken- I've really put my back into it, trying to ensure that all products are sourced locally, and the leather we use really is the best you can get in country. When I started out, I had one goal very clear in my head, which is "You have to make buying shoes online fun and easy, no matter what." This I largely ensured by partnering with PayU money to offer online paymentsand with FedEx, Aramex and others that ship the fastest and safest, along with accepting COD payments. 

With just over a week to go for The Lil Flea, here's how I'll end this note. We have our biggest, bestest surprise announcement coming up soon after. It's big. HUGE. Take a guess? I dare you to. 

Happy shoe shopping!

Dev B
Shoe Designer

P.S.-Watch our latest YouTube video I put up featuring a little late-night doodling session. I forgot to add that I'll be doing some shoe designing and shoe making videos too! 

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