Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How your shoes are made + We've turned two!

Devika Bharadwaj turns two today!
Can't believe it's been two years already. I have learned so much on this journey, and there's still so much more to learn! While it has been a fairly lonely journey (beware budding entrepreneurs), I know I couldn't have made it here without my parents and closest friends. From helping me lift a million shoe boxes in exhibitions to making sure I stay calm and positive (and fed), they've been there, done all that. So thank you guys from the deepest part of my heart. 

To you, dear shoe-lovers, on this special milestone, I wanted to show how your shoes are made. So this video is not about the fashion, not about the style, it's about our labour of love. It's to show you how shoe makers with literally decades of experience bring our design to life. Our country possesses immense talent and skill.

Headquartered in Mumbai, all our shoes are handcrafted, designed and sourced in India; allowing each shoe the best of local expertise. 

I also want to show you our new collection, which was made using cruelty-free, man-made leather materials. So all these shoes you see below are completely vegan! 

Hope you like the new collection, and loved watching our shoe making process. Do leave your comments below.

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Entrepreneur

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2017 Update: What's cookin', good lookin'?

For way too many people, 2016 was quite a year... Quite a sucky one at that (particularly you, you Star Wars, Alan Rickman and David Bowie fan. Yes, you). Hang in there though because what is life but a series of ups and downs. 

It was a crazy, weird year for us at Devika Bharadwaj too. It was, however, laced with a few good things here and there. The label was nominated for Grazia Young Fashion Awards 2016; and although we didn't bag that award, it was great to know that our work is being recognized in the industry. (yippee!)

A lot of you must also be wondering why for the second half of the year there were no new collections launched. Well, I have been considering overhauling the business since a while to match some of the inner beliefs that I'm glad I'm under the influence of. Therefore, one of the biggest changes you will see this year in the label is use of faux leather. All our forthcoming collections will be primarily made using man-made leather. Woo(m)hoo!  💃

I have to admit, it wasn't easy for me to make this decision, because as a shoemaker, I know leather is probably the best fabric out there. Having said that, we have sourced the best faux leather available in the Indian market today; so rest assured, your shoes are still going to be made using the finest stuff. 

From my shoe making desk. :) 
That was 2016. 

2017 started with quite a bang. First, we received samples of our upcoming collection and they look AMAZING. I'm trying something new and I'm so excited for you all to see this. Our super-cool samples are now in production and should be ready for you to grab by February first week.

Second, we received an order from fashion designer, Manish Malhotra's office, to supply shoes for his label's private show. This was pretty exciting (and stressful) because we had to get shoes ready within 4-5 days; and any shoe designer out there would know how hard that is to get done. But heavens bless each and every one of our shoe makers for working hard and getting it done.

Last but not least, I'm also making time to make shoes myself again. Running day-to-day ops takes a lot of my time and I just couldn't get to it for the last few months. I really miss the process of shoe making, and what am I if not a cuteish 'mochi'. 😉

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Cordwainer, Entrepreneur

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Lookbook: How to style Anita, tan kolhapuri sandals


Things have been completely cray with the full flown wedding season, the super-festive Christmas time, the shocking demonetization and what not. It's been a while since we did a lookbook post; so I thought why not do a feature with our Anita kolhapuri sandals for this time of the year. It's super-comfy, has a pretty ethnic vibe to it and most importantly, you can slip in and out of it with ease. I have been wearing 'Anita' for my friends' wedding functions- from mehendi to wedding (yep, I even wore it with a saree so I could dance in the baaraat with no care in the world).

So here are three ways you can style our tan and neon, handcrafted Kolhapuri sandals. Take a look!

Look 1: Wear them for a fun day out with a cute floral dress and funky, bright sunnies.

Look 2: Anita can be best worn this December with all those pretty kurtas and ethnic wear for weddings. Just add some bangles and pretty earrings, and you're all set. 

 Look 3: This is one of my favorites. Slip into Anita and pair it with an all white outfit to add some edge. Pair it with a beige or nude bag and bright lipstick to complete the look.

On a day to day basis I wear these to work everyday with a pair of jeans and light coloured tops and shirts. They go particularly well with a white shirt or kurta and a pair of denims.

Hope you liked this lookbook featuring our kolhapuri shoes. If you have any more suggestions, do share them with us! You can buy a pair of Anita here.

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Entrepreneur

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Stockists, we are looking for you.


I'm so pleased to announce that the Devika Bharadwaj label is now looking for in-store, brick and mortar stockists.

Connect with us if you retail unique, handcrafted and indigenous fashion products in India. We're looking for multi designer stores and partners in the offline retail space, particularly in Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Pune and Bangalore.

Ours is one of the most popular shoe labels in the online fashion space and we're looking for more business opportunities in the brick and mortar format to reach out to more fashion and shoe lovers. If you too are looking for fresh, new labels and love our products, please write to us at query(at) Also, see our contact page for more ways to talk to us.

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Entrepreneur

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Workout Wednesday: Yoga


Hope you found our first post in the Workout Wednesday series on Stretching helpful. Next up is one form of exercise that I absolutely, personally love!

Among tens and hundreds of benefits of Yoga, here are few to motivate you to get you downward dogging....
  • Builds flexibility, strength and good posture
  • Improves bone health
  • Increases blood flow and immunity
  • Keeps adrenal glands in good health
  • Improves focus
  • Keeps you happy and stress-free 
  • Helps relax, mentally and physically 
  • Increases inner strength and self esteem 
  • Helps fix digestive disorders 
  • Mind-body-soul connection 
Impressive, eh? The internet is filled with cool guides, videos and tutorials on practicing yoga at home. So if you need something that you can do as soon as you wake up, while still in your pyjamas... Yoga is it. So we've taken the liberty to help you with all the resources you're gonna need to get started. Not only are we listing links to cool guides and tutorials, we're listing 4 tried and tested asanas that you can do every day in just 15 minutes and change your life

4 asanas you gots to do every day! 

1. Pranayam: Anulom-vilom, kalabhati, bhastrika... whatever floats your snot boat, get to it. Breathing exercises are a must for your body, mind and soul. Recommended for beginners: Anulomvilom. 

Image Source: 
2. Janu Sirsasana: The only forward bending, leg stretching asana you could need to get you all flexed up. 
Image Source: 
3. Uttitha Trikona Asana: Great for the sides of the body and spine.
Image Source: 
4. Viparita Karni: I personally love this pose and I bet you will too if you do this every day after work. It's so relaxing and reinvigorating.
Image Source: 
Over and above these 4 simple asanas, you can check these sites to add to and improve your yoga practice:


If you have any comments, feedback or asanas to share with us, please, please, please do You can even send in pictures or videos that we can share with our social media followers.

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Entrepreneur

Monday, 8 August 2016

We are hiring!


We're growing fashion startup, helping shoe lovers put step after step forward in style. We retail handcrafted, designer shoes for women online and via pop-up events. We're looking for enthusiastic individuals who want to be involved in a startup, age no bar. You don't have to know everything or be a know-it-all in what you apply for, as long as you are eager to figure it out and get things done. 


Social Media Manager 
- Intern
- Commitment- 1-2 hours a day
- Knowledge of Photoshop/any design software must
- Good writing skills
- Up to speed with social media trends and buzz
- Minimum commitment of 6 weeks

Content Writer 
- Intern
- Commitment- 1-2 hours a day
- Good writing skills and command over English
- Previous blogging experience a plus
- Interested in fashion and have basic awareness about fashion industry
- Minimum commitment of 6 weeks

B2B sales and Business Development
- Freelancer/ Intern
- Incentive-based
- Previous experience a must
- Good communication and sales skills
- Minimum commitment of 6 weeks

Public Relations 
- Freelancer/ Intern
- Incentive-based
- Previous experience a plus
- Good communication and sales skills
- Minimum commitment of 6 weeks

Where will you work from? 
Whether you get work done in your pj's in bed, or while sippin' coffee at Starbucks, it's totally your call! Our office is located in Wadala, so we're looking for Mumbai based folks who can drop in by the HQ once in a while for catching up'. 

Sounds cool? Here's how you can apply...
First off, we'd love to know more about you- not the CV version of you. But, you. So write to us with a wee bit about yourself in brief (no fluff needed) along with your CV (we do need to know what you have done and where you can take us). That's all. 

Write to us at query@devikabharadwaj(dot)com with the job title in the subject line. If you'd like to be associated with us in any other way than mentioned above, feel free to tell us about it. Also, don't forget to share this with someone you think may be interested. College students, retirees and in-betweeners are welcome to apply. 

Can't wait to hear from you guys!

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Entrepreneur

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Workout Wednesday: Stretching


I've loved wearing high heels for as long as I can remember. I'm no Wonder Women, so my feet do get tired of dancing and jumping in them after a couple hours. Even so, I've more or less been comfortable and comparatively less achy when wearing high heels, and I've realized that that's because of all the dancing and sports I've done growing up. Sounds randomly weird? Well, it's not.

All that exercise has made my legs much stronger than what they probably would have been without. This in turn helps me be on my feet (or toes) for a fair bit of time. Given all the recent push to exercise, sports and dancing as a lifestyle for women I thought why not share some easy tips for our shoe lovers so they can have a stronger, healthier body and some motivation to do so.

So here comes a something new from the Devika Bharadwaj HQ for you. Say hello to: 


The idea is that every Wednesday, we're going to share with you some tips, exercises, asanas, information or anything under the sun to help you move your body. Literally. So as a first, starting with something fairly easy but important, we've got Stretching for you!

There are plenty of guides, tutorials and videos out there focusing on stretches for various age groups and body types. A 5 minute google hunt will lead you to something that suits your body. I've listed a few simple stretches that I've learned over dance and yoga lessons.
(Please note: reader discretion is advised before practicing any of our suggestions.)

  1. For quad muscles
    Stand next to a wall sideways. Lift the outer leg backwards, getting your foot to your butt, and hole it there with your hands. You can take support of the wall with the hand that's close to it. Or if you feel confident enough, you can raise the opposite hand upwards to give a nice full body stretch.  Repeat with the other leg, and don't forget to breathe!
  2. For inner thighs 
    Again, stand sideways next to a wall. Taking support of the wall that's inwards, slowly lift the opposite leg sideways & outward and then bring it back. Repeat a 3-5 times (as comfortable to you) and then repeat with the other leg.
  3. Uttanasana
    This is one of my favorite yoga asanas and stretching exercises. Simply stand with the feet together, then from the hips, get your torso forward, towards your legs. Place your hands on your feet (or drop them wherever comfortable; no stress). After a few seconds, come back up lifting your upper body from your hips again. Note: keep your knees slightly bent and not locked to avoid injury. 

Just doing these for 10 minutes a day will also help unwind and relax your body. Stretching does have a lot of benefits, such as:

  • This one’s a given: it increases your flexibility.
  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens muscles
  • It helps relieve tension from your body & mind. Bid adieu to stress!

I hope you like our #WorkoutWednesday idea. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions to share with us, please, please, please do so! You can even send in pictures or videos that we can share with our social media followers.

Shoe love, 
Dev B
Shoe Designer, Entrepreneur